Senior Transportation and Escort

Senior Transportation and Escort to Appointments and Events

California is a beautiful state to live in and explore, but driving can be a hassle for seniors with impaired vision, slowing reflexes, or other physical ailments. Likewise, public transportation can be emotionally taxing, causing unnecessary stress and confusion.

At Select Home Care, we strive to provide services that allow our clientele to live life to the fullest. “Home care” isn’t limited to the home. We work with our clients’ schedules to accompany them to appointments and social events. Not only will they have reliable transportation to make sure they reach all of their medical appointments, religious functions, and social gatherings on time, but they will be accompanied by their caregiver, who will make sure they are taken care of and have everything they need for an enjoyable outing.

Caregivers aren’t just employees, they are companions. Having an escort to important events allows seniors to relive the memories with someone else who was there. It also provides a resource to remind your loved one of other events that were scheduled, health regimens that were prescribed, and other important information that might otherwise slip their mind.

Our caregivers are happy to attend a multitude of functions, including:

  • doctor consultations
  • hospital visits for tests
  • plays and concerts
  • sporting events
  • hairdresser and barber appointments
  • weddings
  • birthdays
  • graduations
  • reunions
  • club meetings
  • visits with friends

Please note that this is non-medical transport; in emergencies, an ambulance or other medical transportation service will still be required.

Whether your loved one has a busy social schedule that needs managing or would simply appreciate being driven to their favorite places, our caregivers can provide the services necessary to get them out and about, making the most of their time.